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Need to achieve project outcomes and benefits, on-time and on-budget,

while keeping people happy?

Knowing WHAT TO DO, learning HOW TO DO IT, and BEING SUPPORTED until you can,

is how we can help you.

Change Management Consulting

Diploma of Organisational Change Management


RIMER - Professional Edition for Professional Change Managers

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Assoc Prof Dr. Paul Davidson, QUT
Change Management is a competitive advantage




Effective Change Management is essential for business continuity,

sustainability and competitive advantage

Organisations cannot afford to get change initiatives wrong. To do so means more than just budget blowouts, overrun schedules and burnt-out people. Failure means loss of competitive positioning, and can even result in an organisatation's demise. Uniforte is where you can learn what to do to manage the changes necessary to remain in business, be sustainable and competitive, how to do it and be supported until you achieve your goals. Take as much or as little as suits you; we'll design a program just for you.

All Executives, Managers, Project and Change professionals have important roles and responsibilities in the many and complex changes of organisational life.  We support each of them to achieve their goals, ensuring that change is effectively and efficiently managed and that the benefits of the change are realised.

We are a safe pair of hands in this field, having been in business since 1992, and having established Change Management as a specialist vocation in Australia by
  • Authoring the Australian National Competency Standards in Organisational Change Management,
  • Authoring the RIMER... Managing Successful Change Methodology, and
  • Australia's first Diploma of Organisational Change Management.


Call us on 07 3256 8788 to discuss your career, your organisation and a safer road ahead or contact us here.


Change Management Consulting

No company can afford to waste resources on unsuccessful projects or strategies. If you need to be confident that your next change is going to be successful, talk to us to get some peace of mind

Call us on 07 3256 8788 or contact us here.


Change Management Training

Managing change is the job of a trusted professional. We conduct Nationally Accredited Change Management courses in BrIsbane, Canberra, Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide, delivering competent change managers.

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Learn how to manage a project or program of organisation and community change, and achieve the much-hoped-for results. Eliminate the waste of time and resources, not to mention hurt, so common in most change. Become your organisation' trusted competitive advantage.

Change Management Certificates and Certification and achieve your BSB51413 Project Management upgrade

Be recognised as a change management professional, holding Change Management Certification in three ways. Become

  1. accredited as a RIMER Certified Practioner (RIMER CP),
  2. hold the Diploma of Organisational Change Management (Dip OCM) and
  3. accredited as a RIMER Certified Professional (RIMER CPP).

Become accredited in the National Competency Standards in Organisational Change Management in just ten short weeks, confidently applying your skills to a workplace or community change, and achieving the intended benefits of those changes.

At the same time, you can upgrade your superceded Diploma of Project Management to the current BSB51413 Diploma of Project Management.


Change Management Coaching

Struggling with a change project? We can support you throughout the project to achieve the results you want.

As experienced and preferred providers to Government, enterprise and the community, we have the know-how and experience to help you to implement programs and projects, large and small, so that you achieve the intended benefits - successfully and harmoniously.

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