Are your Business Change and Transformation initiatives delivering the outcomes you expected?

What percentage of your Strategic Plans and Projects are successful?

Improve the relationships, productivity, outcomes and results of your Business Change and Transformations.

Your Questions

Where to start when... 

  • There are so many competing priorities

  • Resources are scarce and stretched too thin

  • Blame and excuses are as common as a virus

  • Leaders do not finish what they start

  • "Quick Fixes" do more harm than good

  • Changes are ad hoc

  • Efforts are sporadic

  • People actively resist approved changes

  • Business Improvement processes are inconsistent and unreliable

  • Effective communications are non existent

  • More changes start before others are finished

  • Changes are not coordinated or aligned with anything other than someone's good idea.

Our Answers

You'll need:

  • Integrated Business Management and Project Management Strategies,

  • Engaged, reliable, principled and competent people to implement them, and

  • Everyone needs to work together well.

Our Services include:

  • Digital Transformation and optimising value from it

  • Changing regulatory processes, reporting changes and impacts

  • Quality Management and Assurance Services: OGC Gateway Review

  • Project and Risk Management strategies and analysis


Explore the different ways that you can achieve better Business Change and Transformation results, while adding value to your ESG outcomes.


Why organisations often fail

Successful organisations respond to changing conditions and continuously improve, reform and transform to achieve and maintain their relevance.  Their Business Change and Transformation Process is an organisational asset and competitive advantage.


Businesses that fail often have good ideas but not the Business Change and Transformation Process to implement them.  They have plenty of want-to but not enough can-do.


They often loose business opportunities and any investments in trying to implement those ideas are lost.  The organisation declines, one such experience after another, constantly needing to be propped up, and if they are in the private sector, they often fail.


They need Business Change and Transformation capability, capacity and consistency.

Capability means they have the know-how.

Capacity means they can meet changing demands.

Quality Assurance means consistency every time.

Project Management, Program Management and Portfolio Management working together with Enterprise Change Management is the solution.


It is the best way to minimize their risks and optimize their opportunities, and keep the business stable while implementing improvements.  

Our leadership and competence in this area is what sets us apart as Business Coaches and Consultants. 

We are masters at this and you can be too.


The benefits to you and your organisation include:


  • Massive reduction of risks and issues when implementing Corporate Strategies and Projects

  • Increased business results at Strategic, Project, Program and Portfolio levels

  • Increased business opportunities

  • Improved business competitiveness

  • Increased Brand Equity

  • Increased Market Value resulting in higher sale, merger, investment and divestment results

  • Rapidly pivot to respond to internal and external driven change

  • Increased certainty in ambiguity 

  • Increased cultural strength and unity.


Globally, 90% of Business Strategies fail to be implemented.

70% of Projects fail. 

How does your business rate?


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