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Even the best intentioned change can turn your world upside down when you least expect it.  All the things that you've worked for can disappear overnight.  That's when you have to promise yourself, 'never again' - and take action to see that it doesn't. 


Then create faster, better business and career results. 


Christina Dean

You may be feeling a little blue at the moment, but there are better days ahead.  Just decide now, to thrive no matter what...!

Talk to us about it, and together we'll develop a tailored program to enable your business to adapt, grow and prosper.

Together, we'll set a new Agenda!

You bring your Change Agents and we'll bring our WingMates

You'll learn, share and grow in ways you never imagined,  with other wonderful people, like you...

You'll apply what you've learned to your life and business...and see the results of your work.

You and your business will be outstanding.

Message from outgoing Westpac CEO, Stuart Fowler to his successor...

Christina is worth her weight in gold.

Highly recommend you get her in.

Faster, Better Business and Career Results.

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Uniforté Program WingMate is waiting to support you to adapt, grow and prosper your business.


Your WingMate is your expert Enterprise Change Consultant, dedicated to your business resilience. 

Work with our proven Business Change Coaches to improve or transform your business.  

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Uniforté is a Business and Executive Coaching company.  Our Change Management Program for Change Agents delivers rapid, quality Business Improvement, Reform and Transformations.

Our organisational change management Consulting, Training and Coaching has led the world in the development of fit-for-purpose solutions that turn dreams into strategy and strategy into reality. 

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