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You'll need tools that work, and which are the global standard, widely accepted, easy to learn and apply to your current work, and easy to integrate with your other business practices . 


You'll achieve for faster, better business and career results.

Christina Dean

Why do you need tools?  Isn't just telling everyone what to do good enough?

Some people believe that because they have the technical knowledge of how to do something e.g. a new idea, product, service - that they also know how to make their business, community or government make it happen.


The truth is that 'making it happen' is  an organisational change management skill, a specialist area within business management skills.   Being a technical expert... doctors, engineers, teachers, politicians, and business managers... are all different learning ladders.


With our help, Technical experts can learn that skill while we're working together to turn their great ideas, projects, businesses and governments into success stories.

In our quest to perfect the RIMER Tools, we worked through many changes ourselves.


Not finding what we needed for our own big jobs, we created our own from the proven, best principles of Business Management, Project Management, Human Resource Management, Change Management, sound ethical frameworks and healthy cognitive functioning. 


We achieved the right results. 

Then we taught them to hundreds of professional Change Agents who hold some of the biggest jobs in the World.


If they worked for them, they'll work for you. 

This is the history of the Organisational Change Management tools you'll be using to become the great CHANGE AGENT

who turns your business into a success story.


RIMER...Managing Successful Change Methodology

Finding a lack of understanding about change and no suitable solutions to managing complex and compound change worldwide, our Christina Dean wrote RIMER.  RIMER is an individually considerate, project management  approach to managing organisational change.


First Australian National Competency Standards in OCM

Finding a lack of standards to manage organisational change, Christina wrote the first Nationally Government Accredited Competency Standards as the cornerstone of future industry and educational standards.


First Australian Diploma of OCM

Finding a lack of competent people and Tertiary Education Qualifications for Organisational Change Management, Christina wrote and taught the first Australian Diploma in OCM.


OCM embedded in Industry Standards

Finding a lack of integration between General Management, Project Management, Human Resource Management and Change Management, Christina embedded OCM in each Industry Standard.


OCM Career Path

Tertiary Educational providers adopted the new Industry Standards resulting in the creation of the first formal Career Pathway for Organisational Change Managers from entry to Masters Level Education, first in Australia and then globally.

Message from outgoing Westpac CEO, Stuart Fowler to his successor...

Christina is worth her weight in gold.

Highly recommend you get her in.

Faster, Better Business and Career Results.

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