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Want to be a Leader of Leaders?

Hint: You'll need to successfully implement Business Strategies, Projects, Reforms and Transformations


Any Executive can now achieve excellent business change results that secures their role as a Leader of Leaders 


Executives ask: 

  • Why aren't we achieving our Strategic Plans?

  • Why aren't we getting the promised business results from our Projects?

  • Why aren't our Business Improvements and Reforms working properly?

  • Whatever happened to our Business Transformation?

  • What do you say to someone who doesn't want to do as you ask?

  • How do you motivate someone to do what the company needs to achieve?

  • How do we make employees adopt our changes?

  • How do we plan change alongside everything else?

  • Why isn't management making it happen?

  • Why is this taking so long?

  • Why are our projects running over budget?

  • Why aren't we getting what we thought we were from our Projects?


You'll need the Change Management capability and capacity to deliver them all for you.


And because it is such a minefield of feelings, distractions and divided loyalties, you'll need a Uniforte Change Management Specialist to Coach, Mentor, teach, provide for and back you to:

  • Set the direction and course of the business

  • Head the team that will plan, lead, manage and control the action

  • Engage your people in how to make it happen

  • Provide the time and resources they need,

  • Be aware of and care for their human needs, and 

  • Lead everyone every step of the way until you get the results you want.


Why Corporate Strategies, Projects and Programs fail

The most common reason why business changes fail is the mistaken belief that just because a leader issues an instruction, that it will happen.  In some hierarchical organisations that is still true, but not in the world of contemporary management.   


There, between the mountain top experiences of giving instructions and achieving great business results, is the Valley of Complacency, Uncertainty, Apathy, Fear, Distraction and Ineffectiveness. 


To overcome these, Leaders like you need to be armed with a refusal to accept anything but the best, a decisiveness and a passion for want you want to achieve, and a determination and confidence to achieve your goals.   


And not leave anyone alone or behind. 

Our competence in this area is what sets us apart as Business Coaches. 

We are masters at this and you can be too.

Successful change takes unity and to achieve unity, you have to wrestle down division

Talk to any winning team and they will tell you that unity is THE prerequisite for victory.  Your business teams are making changes that requires everyone to be united in their goals and efforts, or it will take much longer, be much more expensive and may never happen.  


To become unified means that you'll wrestle against the competitive and divisive attitudes of 'it's all about me' and 'what's in it for me.'


Only your strong leadership can overcome them.

With us to coach, mentor, teach, provide for and back you up, your leadership will be strengthened because we are aware of and care for both your human and professional needs.

We make the Change Management Process easier, better and faster.

Assess and Plan

We recommend actions to unblock progress and release productivity

Design and Test

We create short-term and long-term Change Management solutions


We integrate your Change Management Capability and Capacity with other business frameworks


We evaluate results together and ask you for feedback on our work


Our Change Management is the world's first Project Managed change and the most widely adopted process

It took our Owner and Managing Director a lifetime career to get it right.


Now you can tap into our capabilities, knowledge and experience to deliver your own outstanding career performance.


You will easily save twenty-five years of learning time by working with our Certified Coaches who will navigate and support you to take the most direct pathway to your goals. 


This means that you will:

  • Embed accountabilities, responsibilities and performance systems

  • Improve the results of Corporate Strategies, Projects and good ideas

  • Develop a competitive advantage

  • Increase Business Market Value, resulting in higher sale, merger, investment and divestment results
  • Pivot faster and easier to adapt to internal and external changes

  • Develop a service team culture

  • Become known as a leader who actually knows and cares about your people, which will inspire their loyalty, trust and confidence.

Start implementing your Business Strategy, Projects, Reforms and Transformations successfully today, because it is the only way to build a great and lasting business.



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