• Christina Dean

10 Practical Tips to Manage your Changing World

Need help managing your anxieties in your constantly changing world? You can draw on these natural talents and resources in any situation. Use them to invest in a better life.

1. Be aware of what’s going on around you, why it’s happening and why it’s happening now. Then consider how it could affect you. That knowledge will prevent the shock, anger and pain that come with nasty surprises. The next step is to plan for the best and avoid the worst.

2. Be curious about people, things, and situations. This will keep you interested in life and living a full one. When one of these fades into the past, you will have others to keep you balanced, interested and interesting.

3. Have a positive expectancy which will project your energy in a positive direction. The converse is also true, so be careful how you think because your life is shaped by your thoughts.

4. Change is normal. Both good and bad times come and go. Be confident that you will overcome any change, as you have many others in your life. Six weeks will see you through most changes.

5. Learn something new every day. About yourself, someone else, something else. This will keep you young, enthusiastic and relevant in today’s world.

6. Many of us were raised in families that experienced tough times and fun was absent from day-to-day work. That was then. This is now. You don’t need anyone’s permission to have appropriate fun working now. This will make your work become a source of joy for you and others.

7. You have wisdom. Use it. It’s that precious repository of your life’s learning: it's your asset. Don’t make the same mistakes again and again. Doing the same things and expecting a different result is unrealistic.

8. Love yourself. If you have your doubts, then practice self-care to teach yourself that you are loved and lovable right here, right now. No one here is 100% perfect, be content with 80%: it's enough for plenty of 'likes' and will keep you positive, satisfied and appreciative of yourself and others.

9. Take action to have the life of your choosing. If you don’t choose your life, someone else will. Plan. Act. Do. Check. This elegantly simple process works. Use it to enjoy the thrill of a better job, relationship, health, finances … anything. It just takes a new decision, followed by a new action, and some perseverance and patience to create a new habit, and new habits make big improvements to your life – and everyone else’s around you – start today. You can’t win if you quit, so hang in there with that new habit.

10. Every day is a fresh start. Forget yesterday because it's gone. The most you can do about it is to forgive, learn and move on.

Warm wishes from your personal and professional Change Manager, Christina Dean, Managing Director, Uniforté Pty Ltd, Level 20, 300 Queen Street, Brisbane, Qld. 4000, P: 1300 377 477. W: www.uniforte.com.au

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