Uniforte Employee Engagement
Did your Employees and Stakeholders make progress today?

Do you know how to empower and inspire your people to deliver Strategic Plans, Business Changes and Transformations?


Leverage the Power of Leadership and Change Management to engage your People.


But how to do that when your people: 

  • Withdraw from non-essential conversations and activities

  • Avoid Teamwork

  • Behave in unusual ways that disrupt others

  • Are unusually quiet, miss meetings and seem distant

  • Are apathetic about what you ask of them

  • Often take unplanned leave

  • Are complacent about their performance

  • Deliver work that is below standard and miss deadlines

  • Seem dissatisfied, exhausted, cynical and inefficient

  • Oppose new ideas and opportunities that could drive your business forward

  • Are increasingly discourteous to co-workers, management and customers?


You'll need a Stakeholder Engagement Strategy to: 

  • Inspire them to bring everything they have to work

  • Be enthusiastic about Business Results

  • Be excited about performing well

  • Share your passion for the Business Mission and Vision

  • Find greater meaning and purpose in their work and career

  • Feel like they belong to something bigger than themselves

  • See themselves as part of the business's future

  • Enjoy working in their team

  • Be well equipped to do their job

  • Be full of ideas and solutions that drive the business forward

  • Become high performing individuals and leaders.


Without an Employee and Stakeholder Engagement Strategy, you may feel:

  • Disappointed at the lack of business progress

  • Disheartened at the lack of workforce enthusiasm

  • Frustrated and angry about how these blocks affect your business success

  • Disillusioned about working with employees

  • Increasingly alarmed that the future you hope for is out of reach.

Executives expect employees to have the same sort of work ethic, interest and involvement as they do - and they can.

Uniforte Employee Disengagement


Release Executive Stress

Perhaps you feel like no one is listening to your instructions and requests


Business figures may be telling you that people are not performing well


Perhaps you are afraid of saying or doing the wrong thing in case you are accused of something?


Beginning to wish you could automate everything instead of having staff?

You are not alone.


Be a High Performing Leader

After listening to the struggles that many of our clients have had with Employee and Stakeholder Engagement, we know how dissatisfied they are with their workforce performance, how it drains away their focus, time, energy and business opportunities.


Worst of all, it drains away their hopes...and that is very serious.


While it is wise to consult with those responsible for turning your strategy into reality, decisions belong to the Business Leaders.  




Are you ready to:

  • Engage your people in the Mission and Vision you have for your business?

  • Enjoy how your people are focussing on goals instead of their current distractions

  • See greater results as they work in the right way and the right time

  • See your business results improve quickly

  • Enjoy greater collegiate relationships with your people, and 

  • Open to making a few changes yourself?  


Imagine how satisfying it will be when your people are:

  • Working together harmoniously, collaboratively and cooperatively

  • Increasing the business revenue, cash flow and profitability

  • Growing your business and its Market Value

  • Hearing that your people said you 'actually care about' them

  • Thrashing your competitors

  • Celebrating business goals together with you at some wonderful location because

  • Your Mission and Vision of the future is being delivered.

We make the Employee & Stakeholder Engagement Process easy

Assess and Plan

We identify the roadblocks to Employee and Stakeholder Engagement

Design and Test

We create an Employee or Stakeholder Engagement Strategy


We facilitate, train and coach those involved to implement the Plan


We evaluate results together and ask you for feedback on our work

Businesses often achieve a level of early success, plateau and then stall.  Waning Employee & Stakeholder Engagement is one of the early indicators of impending business failure.  Instead of being creative and innovative, work becomes disorganised, stressful and apathetic.  


Talk to us because you can avoid that.


Ready for your Employees and Stakeholders to make more progress for you? 


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