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We know you want a relevant business.


Clarity of why your business exists, your vision for its future and how it will achieve its goals requires regular reflection and considering different opinions, as the world around you changes.

How long do you want it to be relevant for?


So how do you remain clear and focussed on: 

  • Why your Business exists and what it does best

  • What you want the business to be

  • What you believe in

  • What the business must achieve to be successful 

  • What specific outcomes must be achieved

  • How to plan the actions to achieve these Business objectives

  • How to measure what matters for your Business Success?


If you are playing to win, you'll need a Strategic Plan that: 

  • Declares your Mission

  • Creates your Vision

  • Builds upon your Values

  • Sets Strategic Goals

  • Sets out your Objectives

  • Creates Action Plans, and 

  • Provides Performance Measures.


Without a Strategic Plan, you're likely to be feeling

  • Unsure of your business and its future

  • Frustrated by aimless employees, who seem to be more concerned about their weekend

  • Increasingly concerned at not being able to raise loans, attract the right partners, or keep the good staff needed to turn your business into a success.

Take more control

  • Allow yourself some thinking time to focus on what is important to you

  • Engage in some robust and intense discussions about your business, and 

  • Develop the RoadMap for your business future in short, medium and long term horizons.

Ensure that you, and not events, are shaping your Business future

Imagine how satisfying it will be to have

  • Clarified your future and that of your Business

  • Multiplied everyone's engagement, and 

  • Provided the points of focus that are missing right now.

Uniforte Business Certainty


Play your own Game of Change

Maybe you are wondering why bother planning when the world is so uncertain, confusing and fickle.


You are not alone in that and we have been there too.


That is why we encourage you to create your own certainty, to be clear about what you want and the standards you live by.


Make your world a better place by improving someone else's.


Step boldly into your Leadership role

Put your dream on paper and share it so that everyone knows where they are going, why and why now,  and how to get there.


Certainty, confidence and self-worth will grow as you all revisit it daily.


It will help you all be focussed and united.


It will inspire you all to persist when bad days come...as they do.   

With a Strategic Plan, your business will...

  • Become proactive rather than reactive

  • Increase its operational efficiency

  • Increase its market share and profitability

  • Become stronger, more stable and better established so that it can withstand events, and 

  • Become more resilient to change.

We make the Strategic Planning Process easy

Assess and Plan

We consult with you and your people to create the Strategic Plan

Design and Test

We design and create the Strategic Plan


We submit the Strategic Plan to you and support you to deliver it


We evaluate results together and ask you for feedback on our work


Your Strategic Plan will help you and your people to:

  • Understand and stabilise the Business

  • Share in its purpose

  • Behave appropriately

  • Carry out work as required, and 

  • Aim for the required results.

Without it, everyone is just guessing what to do and how to do it.  It's all very confusing, frustrating and ultimately, terminal.


You can all do better.


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